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2LP Gatefold (15€)
Jewel Case CD (10€)
Jewel Case Tape (5€)

1. Lords of the Flame
2. Operation Mistletoe
3. Thee imperial Wizard
4. Part I: Testi Sum Capri
5. Part II: Templars of the Black Sun
6. Fall of the IVth
*7. Black Sabbath (Coven Cover)

*exclusively on LP version
released by MORDGRIMM (UK)

Recorded by KKP, miwed and mastered by KKP at Worship Studio
Pics by Lucie Inland, artwork by Benjamin Moreau

on this record:

Alexis Darnoux: Drums
Ronan Grall: Vocals and Organ
Mathieu Lirzin: Guitars
Benjamin Moreau: Bass